In the heart of Montenegrin mountains where rivers have carved the rocks for thousands of years, between mountains Durmitor and Vojnik lies the Nevidio Canyon. It's name (translated into 'Not seen') reminds it's visitors of its wild nature. It has been conquered the last of all European canyons in 1965. It's rocks, waterfalls, narrow passages, foamy fast waters and it's stone figures are the main attractions of the Nevidio canyon. Canyon can be visited in one day with special gear (diving-mountaneering) with help of experienced guides. As part of the our offer, one-day tour would start with transportation with our vehicles to the entrance to the canyon. The lunch would be at 16 o'clock in the canyon or after getting out of it. Afterwards we would return to the Žabljak and finish our tour.

Price per person: 100€

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