Rafting Nacional Park Durmitor *****

Rafting Nacional Park Durmitor *****

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  • Available dates:15.Apr - 15.Oct
Per person € 45
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1.Raft docks-Žugića luka: (14km rafting)
The arrival to the camp, or Žabljak in the early morning hours, ride to the camp, breakfast on the terrace located on the shore of the Tara river. The traditional cuisine of these areas are offered. After breakfast and the preparation for the rafting, each tour participant receives appropriate gear (neopren suit, boots, safety jacket, helmet and a paddle). Afterwards, we descend down the most beautiful part of the Tara canyon during the 3 hours (14km) of the tour duration with photo and swimming breaks. Refreshments and a pause at the Ljutica river, the shortest river in Europe and biggest spring of fresh water in the world (1000 liters water per second). There will be a photo safari underneath the bridge, before we arrive to Žugića luka for the termination of the tour. We return to the camp with our vehicles where we will organize lunch (lamb, fish, and traditional cast iron dish 'sac' meals). After lunch the tour terminates. 
The advantage of this tour is the fact that visitors have the opportunity to visit the Black Lake in Žabljak where the price of the ticket (2€) is already included in the NP Durmitor tax. Also, visitors will have a chance to spend time at the Tara bridge which is one of the most important landmarks of Montenegro.

2. Rafting docks – Šćepan Polje ( 96km rafting)
Day 1. Arrival to the camp in the afternoon hours, accomodation provided in cotages in our camp. In the late afternoon, according to the visitors' mood and desires, a visit to St. Archangel monastery from the 13th century can be made. Dinner at 20 hours, with ethnic specialities, and the rest of the evening spent around fire and music. 
Day 2. After breakfast and preparation for the rafting by 10 o'clock doručka i pripreme za rafting do 10 h (each tour participant receives appropriate gear - neopren suit, boots, safety jacket, helmet and a paddle). Afterrwards we depart with our terrain vehicles to the rafting docks, 3km away from the camp where we start the tour. Time for preparations and instructions. Refreshments and a pause at the Ljutica river, snack break at Mušova vrela. Going through the narrowest part of the canyon - Lazin kamen. The arrival to Radovan Luka where we will have lunch in a national restaurant. After lunch, we continue the tour, and we go through Tepački buk, where the canyon is the deepest - over 1300m, as well as the Bajlovića sige waterfall. The arrival is in the evening at the Brštanovica camp, where we will spend the night, have dinner and spend time around fire and music. 
Day 3. After breakfast we continue the rafting, we pass by the parts of the river Brštanovački, Borovi, Ćelije which are the most demanding and the most attractive. After 96km we arrive to Šćepan Polje in the afternoon hours where we will have lunch in a national restaurant. After lunch, we continue the tour, returning to our starting point all the way through the Durmitor National Park where we will visit a number of mountain masifs, mountain lakes and Žabljak (photo tour). We then arrive to the camp and end the tour.

3. Brštanovica-Šćepan Polje
This tour includes rafting on the 18km of the most beautiful and attractive parts of the Tara canyon, from Brštanovica to Šćepan Polje where Tara river meets Piva river and creates the famous Drina river. This part, with the mix of its fast waters and slower deep waters is the most exciting part of the river. In this case, the raft is specially made for wild waters with eight independent chambers, five meters long and two meters wide, which increases the feeling of safety for all participants. The guides are all local people who know the river better than anyone else which makes the rafting tour as safe as possible. Each participant is equipped with life jackets and helmets, and in case of rain, we provide you with neoprene suits and rain jackets.

SPECIAL OFFER: Jeep tour (4h) + rafting (3h)
We start tours from Zabljak (in front of our agency) at 9:00 a.m. 
Enjoy the jeep safari down the most exciting part of Durmitor National Park with impressive view of both the deepest river canyon in Europe and the largest massif in Montenegro.
We go over the plateau of Pivska Mountain (Trsa, Pisce…). Then we have pre-packed breakfast on the slopes of Susica mountain. 
We head to Brstanovica about 11:30 a.m. That is our starting point of the most beautiful and most attractive eighteen kilometers of Tara River, from Brstanovica to Scepan Polje (Scepan Field). It is the place where the Drina is formed by the confluence of the Piva and the Tara rivers. That is the most exciting part of the river because of its more than twenty rapids and cascades. We use very special boats designed to withstand the river's relentless twisting and pounding. These boats have eight separated chambers five meters long and two meters wide, which keep our passengers safe. The helmsmen are born in the villages near the Tara River, so they are skilled in reading the river and all its rapids, gulfs and cascades. Therefore, you will be completely safe and secure during the rafting trip. Each passenger has a life jacket and a helmet, and when it is cold or raining, they use neoprene suits and raincoats. 
We have lunch in the restaurant on the river bank and then we go back to Zabljak.
On the way back to Zabljak we will visit Lake Piva and several plateaus in the area of the Pivska Mountain.
After that we pass through the massifs of Durmitor (Sedlo – 1907 meters, Prutas – 2244 meters above sea level).
Arrival to Zabljak is at the evening hours and that is the end of the arrangement.
If you are our guest you will be driven to the camp 'Most' (Bridge). 
Price per person: €60
Below is a list of items included in the price:
• Breakfast and lunch
• Required rafting equipment used on the trip
• Skilled skippers with certification
• All transports with off-road vehicles during the arrangement
• Travel insurance for all participants
Neither rafting tax of €1 nor tourist tax of €1 is included in the price.

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