Starting from the natural wealth and from specific natural values, in the framework of The National Park Durmitor there are seven districts which are especially protected, as follows: the rain forest of fir and spruce in the catchment basin of Mlinski Stream; Black Pine forest of Crna Poda; Lake Barno and its vicinity; Lake Zabojsko and its vicinity; the catchment of Skrcka lakes with the canyon valley of the river Susica and Lake Susica and Lake Susica to the canyon of Tara. Also, it is worth mentioning that in 1977, by the decision of UNESCO, the Tara River Basin, which is largely an integral part of NP Durmitor, was listed in the ecological reserve of our planet within the program 'Man and Biosphere'. In 1980, NP Durmitor was included in the World Natural and Heritage List under the auspices of the UN, after being nominated and fulfilling the three conditions – geological, hydrological, and biological phenomena.

The main massif of Durmitor provides perfect conditions for mountaineering. In this area, powerful tectonic forces created a mountain world adorned with extraordinary shapes.
The jagged peaks, resemble other Alps as their names imply: Minin Bogaz (Dagger), Zupci (Saw teeth), Sohe and others; with massive domes and wide expanses with patterned sides called Prutash (Plaid), Shareni Pasovi (Colorful Belts); or dressed in vertical stripes like Medjed (Bear Fur), Savin Kuk (Hip) & Shljeme (roof ridge); or glowing colors like Crvena Greda (Red Rafter) or even those resembling saddles; Sedlena Greda (Saddle Frame) and Uvita Greda (Bent Frame); or Obla Glava (Oval Head); or even Stozhina (Haystack Pole). These are all a virtual paradise for all mountaineers and mountain lovers. 
Along its 2000 km of climbing and hiking trails you can find many caves, such as Ledena Pechina (Ice Cave, below Obla Glava peak), where nature created beautiful ice formations, stalactites and stalagmites. All the words in the world can’t describe that feeling - enjoying the pleasure of clean fresh air, enjoying the untouched nature and the taste of cold mountain water. This is the feeling which is hard to imagine, it needs to be experienced.