Our agency Durmitor Tours was founded in 2011. We have two branch agencies. We are located at Narodnih Heroja bb Zabljak, 200m from the central city intersection on the way to Đurđevića Taru- Pljevlja. Other branches are located 100m from the big bridge on the Tara River. 

We got all required licenses and that is our main quality assurance. The essentially qualities of our agency are safety and reliability, the most appropriate relationship between quality and price, experience and business wisdom in designing and realization of many arrangements, a strong and extensive network of co-operators throughout the region. By favour of innovative access in creating touristic offer and high business standards, Durmitor Tours carved out a leader position in organizing different arrangements in Zabljak and in the rest part of the north of Montenegro. Our business is remarkable at top-notch customer service both in internal market and over the whole region. We always try to surprise our clients by exceeding their expectations and creating some new offers. 
Our basic offers of adventure tourism refer to rafting, trekking, canoying, zip line, etc. and it is a good way to promote Durmitor mountain and The Tara River Canyon. 

The main goals of our business are:
1. Satisfied customers
2. Customer safety (including policies for all the activities, the most modern equipment, licenses, certifications, permissions to work, etc.)
3. Promoting natural beauties of Montenegro, Durmitor mountain and Tara River through the most wonderful touristic attractions
4. Creating a new innovative dimension of adventure tourism in the north of Montenegro