Jeep Safari: (Tara Kanyon)

The tour starts off and finishes at the parking lot of the "Most" camp underneath the Tara Bridge.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Number of people per vehicle: at least 2, 8 at the most.
Price per person: 10 - 25 € depending on the number of people in the vehicle.

We depart from the camp underneath the Tara Bridge and we start off with a 8km drive up to the hill above Zaglavak village. We will walk for about 100 meters until a clearance view point at 1150 meters altitude, providing us with a breath taking view of the Tara canyon and the river. Then from the clearance, we drive down an attractive route to the river, at 600 meters. Afterwards, we drive upwards again up to the main road and then through a forest route up to the St. Archangel monastery. It is a very special place as it has been constructed in the thirteenth century and has been rebuilt a number of times throughout the history, last being in 1991. Ten minute drive from the monastery is our starting point underneath the bridge, and than we walk for 30 minutes until we reach Ljutica river spring. This spring has the highest volume of water (2000 litres per second) and for that reason it is in the Guinness Book of Records. We then go back to the vehicle and then we drive back to the starting point.


Starting and finishing point Žabljak or camp "Most" underneath the Tara Bridge.
Duration: 4-5 hours
Number of people per vehicle: at least 2, 8 at the most.
Price per person: 20 - 50 € depending on the number of people in the vehicle.

From the starting point, we drive to Ćurevac view point at 1700 meters altitude. From the clearance one can get the view of the deepest part of the Tara canyon and the village of Tepca which is the oldest inhabited place in the Žabljak municipality. Then we drive to another clearance Štuoc from where one can get a panoramic view of Žabljak, the "Black Lake" and the northern part of the Durmitor massif. We continue the drive to the village of Crna Gora. On the way there there are a few clearances where we will make shorter breaks. The village itself is very interesting due to its small number of inhabitants working on traditional jobs of agriculture and cattle keeping. In the winter time, the village is completely cut off from the world because of high snowfall. From the village, we drive and walk down to the Sušica river canyon and its lake. This place truly reflects the beauty of Montenegrin wilderness. In the spring, the lake is filled with water, which floats into the Tara river until June, and than it turns into a beautiful grassland perfect for taking a break.

From the lake, we ascend up the road up the steep edges of the canyon up to the Piva mountain plateau. Different from the Durmitor rocks, Piva mountain is made of rolling hills, grasslands and old forests. Thousands of sheep can be seen on the grazing fields as well as the breathtaking Piva canyon. Since this tour is circular (thus the Ring of Durmitor), from the Piva mountain we then start returning back to Durmitor. On the way we stop for photographs of the most beautiful parts of Durmitor: Todorev do,Prutaš,Boljske grede,Dobri do,Valovito Lake, Modro Lake and Sedlo mountain range at 1907 meters of altitude. Arrival back to Žabljak.


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